Sweet Moments Sanity Hour - Welcoming Winter

Sweet Moments Sanity Hour

Sweet Moments Sanity Hour - learn to appreciate the sweet moments in life and relax and unwind

Life is so hectic these days and the pressures of the world can sometimes get you down. It’s important to put aside some time each week to focus on things that make YOU happy, guilt free! 

You don’t need a lot of money for Sweet Moments Sanity Hour, just a desire to have some ‘me time’ and an hour or so to unplug from the daily grind and create some sweet moments in your life. 

So take a deep breath, switch your phone to silent, and jump on in!  


This weeks objective: 

Fill your bath with warm water

add in some scented bubbles

light some candles

put on some relaxing music

Grab yourself a glass of wine

and a good book

Sink into the bath

close your eyes

take a deep breath

and welcome in the first day of Winter.


Candles by bubble bath for relaxation

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