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Easter Basket Easter Egg Hunt Ideas for Blog Post

With Easter fast approaching we’re already thinking about Easter Eggs and all that delicious chocolate!  An Easter Egg Hunt is a fun game for all the family to play and makes the eating of the Easter eggs that much more rewarding. 

In today’s post we’ll cover some Easter egg hunt options for children and adults, so you can make the most of your holidays. 


  • Allocate a colour for each child. To make it fair, hide the same amount of each coloured Easter egg and then get the kids to hunt only for their allocated colour. 
  • Treasure Hunt. If you would rather give the kids one big prize at the end of the hunt - or you live in a hot climate and don’t want melted chocolate - why not try an Easter Egg Treasure Hunt instead? You simply write down clues on bits of paper and hide them inside plastic Easter eggs.Give the kids the first clue and then let them hunt down the hidden plastic eggs (number each clue so they don’t accidentally miss one). The final clue leads to the big prize which could be a large chocolate Easter Egg or Bunny for each child or a large basket of chocolate Easter eggs for them to share. 
  • Easter Egg Relay Race. This game is great for older kids or when you have a group of children. Divide the children into teams and have a child from each team go search for an egg. Once they’ve found an egg, they run back and tag the next teammate and so on until a team has found an allocated number of eggs. 
  • Adults Easter Egg Hunt. Using plastic Easter eggs, hide items inside the eggs such as money, jewellery or other fun stuff for adults.  

What games do you traditionally play at Easter? Let us know so we can try them out.

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