Christmas Eve Box - a fun tradition for families to share for generations!


Christmas Eve box ideas

Add some extra excitement and magic to the night before Christmas with a Christmas Eve Box. You can make one just for the kids or the whole family and it’s a great way to ensure everyone is co-ordinated for Christmas morning photos.


Ideas for your Christmas Eve Box 

  • Pyjamas
  • Family Christmas movie
  • Popcorn to eat while watching the movie
  • Biscuits or biscuit mix to make Santa’s favourite treat
  • Reindeer food (oats and sprinkles in a bag) to sprinkle on the lawn
  • Christmas book to read at bedtime
  • Plate for Santa’s treats
  • A nice bottle of wine for the adults
  • Key for Santa for homes without chimneys

Christmas Eve box traditions ideas Santa biscuits cookies

All you need to do is get a sturdy box and fill it with your choice of Christmas items. Open and enjoy on Christmas Eve.

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